Pop3 email client for Cingular branded Sony Ericsson W810i

Cingular/ATT for whatever reason neuters the built-in email client so you cannot set up a POP3 account. Flurry.com provides a nice service that adds a Java app that will give you access to your POP3 email account. Seems to do lots of other things which I haven't explored yet, like RSS feeds, etc. Seems to work pretty well so far. Well anything would be better than nothing! From their website:

  Your email, news & blogs on your current mobile phone for free!
flurry gives you…

  • Mobile access to all your email accounts.
  • Easily import your contacts.
  • Read & share news, blogs & RSS feeds.
  • Get emailed from your MySpace page.
  • Send pictures from your phone.
  • Text message notifications when you get new mail


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