Spice Girls Reunion Tour!!!

The Spice Girls announced a reunion tour with all of the original members including Ginger Spice (aka Geri). I WANNABE there! Posh is looking hot, but the others look kinda frumpy. Well, they’ve got 5 months to get back to the gym.

Los Angeles, Dec. 7
Las Vegas, Dec. 8
New York, Dec. 11
London, Dec. 15
Cologne, Germany, Dec. 20
Madrid, Dec. 23
Beijing, Jan. 10
Hong Kong, Jan. 12
Sydney, Jan. 17
Cape Town, South Africa, Jan. 20
Buenos Aires, Argentina, Jan. 24

“Debranded” my (formerly) Cingular Sony Ericsson W810i phone

I finally got fed up with the handicaps that Cingular in their ultimate wisdom decided to force on me and my Sony Ericsson W810i cell phone. I always found it odd that they decided to NOT let you add a POP3/IMAP email account to the email client, but lived with it. Google mobile apps worked ok. Lately, however, I've been playing with more Java and web apps and when I tried to install the ShoZu.com Java app and received a nice “operation failed” msg, I decided I was fed up.

After a little googling, I came across the oddly named WotanServer.com site which describes itself as the “Online debranding and software upgrade for SonyEricsson mobile phones.” Saw a couple other ppl have success so what the hey, only about 10 bucks and I was preparing my explanation for the replacement insurance claim if I bricked it.

Anyways, it was pretty straight forward, albeit scary, to upgrade the firmware and debrand the phone. Seems to work fine and I got the POP3/IMAP email client. ShoZu installed fine.

Stuff works a little differently, but more or less the same as before. I highly recommend the hack. All settings including the data settings were gone, but fortunately I had info saved from a website. 

Pop3 email client for Cingular branded Sony Ericsson W810i

Cingular/ATT for whatever reason neuters the built-in email client so you cannot set up a POP3 account. Flurry.com provides a nice service that adds a Java app that will give you access to your POP3 email account. Seems to do lots of other things which I haven't explored yet, like RSS feeds, etc. Seems to work pretty well so far. Well anything would be better than nothing! From their website:

  Your email, news & blogs on your current mobile phone for free!

flurry gives you…

  • Mobile access to all your email accounts.
  • Easily import your contacts.
  • Read & share news, blogs & RSS feeds.
  • Get emailed from your MySpace page.
  • Send pictures from your phone.
  • Text message notifications when you get new mail


Bought a working Canon Canola Nixie tube calculator!

I’m SO excited! I snagged a working Canon Canola 1210 Nixie tube calculator on ebay last night. When I first starting working as a CPA, I used a Nixie tube calculator that no one else wanted (dummies!) and was fascinated by it. I wish I would have bought it off my boss. Anyways, recently some company was marketing some handmade “digital” clocks using Nixies and it made me think of that calculator. I was clearing out some Firefox bookmarks and found the link and just did a ebay search and low and behold a WORKING similar calculator came up! I HAD to buy it. Ok, most ppl might think this is lame, but its the geek accountant in me that sez this is way cool.

Exciting Changes at Palm! Finally.

The WSJ is reporting that Palm is “selling a 25% stake to Silicon Valley private-equity firm Elevation Partners in a deal that will bring former Apple Inc. executives to the maker of hand-held electronic devices.”

“The deal brings important new personnel to Palm, including several top executives who worked at Apple in the late 1990s and earlier this decade. Jon Rubinstein, Apple's former head of hardware who helped pioneer the hit iPod music player, will join Palm as executive chairman and head up product development, according to people familiar with the matter.”

“Fred Anderson, a partner at Elevation and a former Apple chief financial officer, will join Palm's board…”

I think this is great news and should get Palm off their a$$es and start makin cool stuff again. Getting some serious talent from Apple and, perhaps more importantly, adding some demanding investors should make things happen. I'm giving them until the end of the year and hangin onto my Palm TX.

TwitKu.com…a “killer startup”? Apparently so…

This is funny. I get this email today saying:

Dear CEO,

We wanted to let you know your company got reviewed in our blog

only two ways for your startup to make it to our blog:
1) Any of our
registered readers submitted it
2) Our editorial team found your company
through our daily scan of the ‘Top 100’ blogs that write about Internet and

You can read the review about your company here:

TwitKu.com – IM-ing gadget

case you want to modify something that’s incorrect, or want to complete some
missing information, you can use the following username and password we
generated so only you can modify the review…

So who is KillerStartups.com???

KillerStartups.com is a user driven internet startups
community. Entrepreneurs, investors, and bloggers are staying informed
on up-and-coming internet startups using our blog platform, where
internet entrepreneurs submit their startup to see what others think
about it.

They appear to be a sort of Digg-type site. Here’s my entry. I’ll highlight the funny stuff…well besides the fact that its even there…

TwitKu is an IM-ing gadget
that gives you the option to maintain another account with Jaiku, a
similar service, and monitor your TwitKu and Jaiku accounts on the same
with TwitKu’s web application. Once you have installed its
, your accounts are more manageable and more easily accessible
in a number of ways. For some examples, you can simultaneously post a
single message to both accounts, click on the “Twitter” or “Jaiku”
links next to the radio button to go to that site, click on the
“Twitter” or “Jaiku” tabs to toggle between your user and public
streams, hit “Restore Last Message” in order to place the text of the
last posted message, see compact URLs (e.g., tinyurl.com, rurl.org,
etc.) shown as their full original URL, turn URLs into clickable links,
see your Flickr photo page links as a thumbnail, and see foreign

In their own words:

“TwitKu is a simple web app that lets you monitor your Twitter and
Jaiku accounts on a single page. Most of the functionality of the
respective sites are reproduced, but there are enhancements not offered
on those sites like Flickr thumbnails based on links, auto-expand of
“tinyurls,” and more.”

Why it might be a killer: A good option for those who already have
Jaiku accounts and aren’t willing to drop them but want to use TwitKu’s

Some questions:

What if the other sites do the same thing, and suddenly everyone
has accounts with all of the services? They need to be more
differentiated in order to encourage people to choose favorites.

Killer Data
Traffic: Alexa ranking: 517,844
Registered users:
Seeking investors:
Email: xxxx
Website: xxxx

These guys got it SO wrong, it’s laughable. Sure, I could tell them, but why? HAHAHAHAHA

Mobile Twitter+Jaiku Mashup

Leo Leporte noisy move from Twitter to Jaiku, started the great Twitter vs Jaiku debate. Thousands were faced with the question of how to leave all their friends or just monitor and use both sites. TwitKu.com, the Twitter+Jaiku mashup, keep the decision from being mandatory. There is now a new mobile version at http://twitku.com/m, so you can post to both and read both simultaneously on your cell phone or other mobile device. The only issue is that to log onto Jaiku you need to use the “API key” and not your password…dumb. You can get it by logging into Jaiku and going to http://api.jaiku.com/key. For whatever reason, the browser on many mobile devices will not load that page so you'll have to get it on a PC before you try to use twitku mobile. Pretty bare and sparse, but it works. Enjoy it folks.