Great micro speaker for portable devices

Every other portable speaker I could find relied on bulky batteries. I chanced upon this cube-shaped speakers that actually uses a Li-Ion battery and recharges with the help of a small USB adapter. It uses the less-common rectangular-shaped mini USB connector on the device end, as opposed to the typical trapezoid-shaped mini-B connector–about my only complaint.

Only $6.87 shipped from China. The eBay store is AmyNConnor and it’s called the “Micro Cube Speaker”

Obviously, it’s not the best fidelity, but its good enough for times you don’t have headphones or don’t want to get them out. I like using them to listen to podcasts walking around the house or after I disconnect my player from my car.

As you can see, it’s smaller than my Zen V Plus–roughly a cubic inch in size.�

For the price I really don’t expect it to last long, but it seems very sturdy. It has an on-off switch, power indicator and that’s about it.

It’s got unofficial–I’m guessing–iPod and Apple logos on it and the box.�

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