I give. Lakers are terrible…

What a bunch of lazy people… Lack of effort, period. It’s disgusting and embarrassing. At least try to earn your paychecks. I’m looking for wholesale trades this summer. Personally though, I hope they don’t. I really feel talent-wise the Lakers are pretty good. I think injuries are playing a bigger role here than most ppl think. If you aren’t healthy, you can’t get in shape. If you aren’t in shape, you can’t play hard. This excludes Kobe and Smush would have stayed pretty healthy all year. ‘Course Smush has no excuse.

Say what you want about the Shaq trade, but remember how lazy he was when he was here. He didn’t get motivated until he got to Miami. Still, its a shame that Kobe and Shaq couldn’t work things out–that was a dynasty. Looks like Shaq ain’t faring any better this year. Sure, he had one more in him, but apparently that was it. He ain’t getting any younger or healthier.

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