Rhapsody may be a better subscription music service than Napster

Well my Nokia N800 only has a Rhapsody client so although I already have a Napster account, I now have both Rhapsody and Napster–a dollar a day for both, basically. Sounds crazy I know, but with my wife and daughter on Napster, I’m now one over the limit of 3 PCs and 3 players…I’m not sure if the Nokia N800 counts as a PC or player. Doesn’t really matter since either will put me over the limit.

The library of songs–so far at least–seem pretty equal. I’ve only found a few albums that are on one, but not the other. Actually, a couple recent releases started out a buy-only on Napster, but downloadable on Rhapsody. Eventually they became downloadable on Napster.

Anyways, so far I kinda like the Rhapsody software better than Napster. It’s laid out nicer and clearer. It also lets you group and browse your library and songs on your MP3 player by genre and artist, which is handy. Rhapsody also doesn’t store all the songs you transfer to your player on your hard drive, saving tons of space. It also seems to sync your library (mostly just lists of songs) between PCs, but I really haven’t tested this thoroughly.

One thing I definitely do not like about Rhapsody is that it doesn’t differentiate between Rhapsody and non-Rhapsody songs on your player.  Napster uses a little icon for this.

Well, these are my initial thoughts and experience. More comments to come… 

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