Charge Creative Zen V Plus Without Software Installed

For whatever stupid reason, many devices will not charge via USB unless their proprietary software is installed on the PC first. The Creative Zen V Plus is such a device. The problem arises when you are, say, at work and you don’t/can’t have the Creative software installed. For the Creative Zen V, the solution is to allocate some of the memory to act as normal removable storage. Here are the steps:

  1. With the Zen V not connected to the PC, go to Extras > Removable Disk
  2. The first time you do this, you will need to set the amount of memory. I set it at the minimum of 128MB.
  3. Then connect to the PC using a USB cable. The Zen V will display the message “Do not Disconnect!” and you will notice that the battery meter in the top right will flash the lighting bolt charging indicator.

I would assume this would work on other Creative players and perhaps other players as well, if they can act as standard removable storage.

Note: Read the comments below. This hack works for most, but not everyone apparently. Obviously, no guarantees. However, worst case is you’ll lose 128MB of storage or have to re-format and reload all your songs–ie not a big downside.

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Credit: from a post on the site by ChabbyAlonso.

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  • Here in the UK you can just buy a mains charger cheaply – has a mains plug at one end and the small USB connection at the other end to go in the mp3 player. Try Amazon if you have no other supplier, but make sure you get one for Zen V Plus as other Creative models have very similar names.

  • Outstanding! Thanks for a simple solution to this ridiculous problem.

  • Hi, after the euphoria of getting my Zen V plus to charge using this method when I tried it again, it did not work. The blue leds are flashing but no charging symbol and after leaving for a long time the unit didi not charge – any ideas please

    • The only thing I can think of is make sure you are using a direct PC USB port and not a hub.

    • Hi, I am using a USB wall chager and I think the problem was that I had the ‘sleep timer’ on the V plus set to 5 minutes and therefore the device was shutting down. I have now set the sleep timer to 30 minutes and I also disabled and enabled (with 128K) the ‘removable disc and the Zen is now is charging again. For info I do not get any ‘lightening’ on the battery icon just the icon filling up (with charge). All seems ok.
      Out of interest I have also found a hardware mod on which ‘pulls up’ pin 4 on the mini usb, basically telling the Zen to charge!! – worth looking at, cheers

  • Hi, thanks for the info, this has been irritating me for some time as I am a constant traveller and having to get the PC out just to charge the Zen was an overkill. Did the change and all works pefectly from a normal USB charger
    Note – did not get the ‘do not disconnect’ message just the removable disk icon and the flashing battery, was able to go back to standard menus and Zen continued to charge.

  • I did the removable disk thing for my zen v how long will it say do not disconnect?

  • thanks for the info!

    turns out my zen microphoto can also charge using any mini-USB chargers using your method

    no more i have to save $14 to buy the charger! haha!

  • I charge my Zen V Plus 2 GB directly with my Blackberry Bold’s Charger. It’s very simple and rapid too. While the charging indicator is not flashing on the display, the battery is fully charged just in several minutes. Believe me.

  • Hi,
    I am little not techie…
    where can i find “Go to System > Player Settings > Configure Menu” .
    My ZEN mozaic is not being charged.

    • @Neeraj: All Creative players do have the same exact menus. Try looking for “Removable Disk” in your “Extras” menu.

  • Works with an old mototrola phone charger. The Motorola charger works throughe a mini USB port, and I wanted to have a stand alone charger for the Zen V Plus.When i connected it in normal mode, it did not work, but it works in the removable disc mode ! Thanx

  • hi i have a zen 20g sleek and i have only just got it 2day i have dun wot sed and i think it works i dont no et cos i am charging it now ithink it is thnx m8 is iot supposed 2 charge sum ova way like just pluggin it in2 ur pc?

    313 ThE whItE CoBrAs 4 LiFe

  • Hi – this might be a dumb question but I want to try and do this for my Zen V but when you say go to ‘extras > removable disc’ where do I find ‘extras?’.

    Please help – my silly Zen won’t charge at work!


    • @Lara: Maybe you don’t have the Extras menu active. Go to System > Player Settings > Configure Menu and make sure Extras is checked.

      @ShYk0: You have to do the Extras > Removable Disk first, before you plug into PC

  • Thanks! It worked on my ZEN V PLUS. I have been trying to figure out this weird mystery for some time now. Sometimes it would charge, but usually not. Setting a 128MB Removable Disk worked after I set it up and pressed the middle button a 2nd time – I got the “Do Not Disconnect” message and it started charging immediately.

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