DLO TransDock Micro car FM transmitter rocks

I have been struggling trying to determine if the Bose sound system in my new ’07 350Z would work with the aux input module for the ’06 models. No one, including the dealer and sellers, know. Why the input isn’t standard on this car is beyond me, but it isn’t so that’s that. Anyways, I tried using my old iRock with decent, but not great, results which gave me a little hope that a FM transmitter would work if I got a good one. After a little googling, i came across this FM Transmitter Roundup, which rated the DLO TransDock Micro as the hands-down winner.

Well, I was at the CompUSA clearance over the weekend and low and behold, they had some in stock. Very pricey at $69, but after 30% off and a $15 gift card that I’d been carrying around, I got it for around 30 bucks and that suited me fine.�

This little gadget work great! L.A. is packed full of FM stations and your transmitter needs to stomp all over at least one station and the TransDock Micro does just that. I’ve been all over from LA to the OC and down to the ports with great results. I had just a little static in one area, but very minor. It plugs nicely right into the cigarette lighter jack with no ugly cords or AC adapters. The aux input is at the bottom and works great with my Palm TX. If you have an iPod you can plug it into the top and charge as you play.

UPDATE: OK, I drove up over some steel bridges and through very industrial areas and for whatever reason I got LOTS of static. Disappointing kinda, but I don’t drive there much. I prolly could have found a different station, but too much hassle at that point.�

UPDATE #2: Changed to a different station and it seems to work much better. The unit supports up to 4 presets and the manual indicates that you may need to change stations depending on where you are driving. I can live with that. This site, radio-locator.com, is a great way to find good stations if you live in a crowded area, like LA.�

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