Transfer files via Bluetooth to/from Palm TX

I often use SmbMate, a freeware app, to copy files from/to network shares via WiFi. This of course requires the proper Windows file shares and wireless network access. If I’m at work I connect my TX with the USB cable and use Softick’s Card Export II which makes my TX act like a USB flash drive.

I always thought it was possible, but didn’t know how to transfer files via Bluetooth…well other than hotsyncing which is painfully slow. Well, I stumbled upon another Softick product called Commander which lets you transfer files using Bluetooth FTP. With it, I can not only transfer files between my TX and work PC, but also my phone! Crazy cool.

There are no docs, but if your Bluetooth device is paired with your Palm you are in good shape. It took me a while to figure out how to add new devices to the list of Bluetooth devices in the Bluetooth Files folder. You just have to click the recycle button at the top (two swirling arrows) to detect new “discoverable” devices. (You’ll need to pair new devices through the normal Palm procedures.)�

Just remember that the files are copied to/from your PC’s “Bluetooth Exchange Folder” which is in your My Documents folder.

It’s pretty darn fast. You can also do basic copy/paste of files
between the PDA and SD card in addition to between Bluetooth devices.
Good work Softick!

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