Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth headset

Well, with my new red ’07 350Z convertible on its way, I knew I needed a Bluetooth headset that would work well with he top down. CNet had a review of the Aliph Jawbone headset ($119.99) and I rushed over to the Cingular right after I watched it. It supposedly has incredible noise canceling abilities due to that feature’s “military” heritage.

What’s REALLY cool about it is that you can charge it via USB. The downside to this is that you still need the proprietary charging cable. Why they couldn’t just have a standard mini-USB connection I don’t know. Oh well.

And “no,” I did no get a red one (shown here) to match my car. Actually, I didn’t have a choice. Gray was all they had. ;-)

The Jawbone rocks in real world use too. I had the window down in my terribly noisy 350Z coupe and my wife could hear me clearly with little background noise. I tuned the noise canceling off and she said it was an amazing difference. The demos on their site are pretty accurate. Check them out.

It is a little awkward to put on, but hopefully I can get used to that.�

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