Nokia N800 Internet Tablet…check!

OK, I finally bit the bullet and pulled the trigger on an Nokia N800 Internet Tablet. I’ll be honest; I was an owner of the prior version, the 770, but sold it after only a few months. Why? The main reason was the lack of Flash support. Supposedly, that deficiency has been fixed in the N800. My other two gripes, small memory and slow CPU, have also been fixed. So, today being my birthday, and wanting to satisfy my gadget fix, I pondered the device, read the many reviews, and will be picking one up at my local CompUSA around 11am.

I have also been looking at the Sony UX devices with their full Windows support. However, the form factor and price (nearly $2k) kept me from getting. For a few hundred more, I could get one of their sleek VAIO VGN-TXN15p/W laptops–which i have decided will eventually replace my barely acceptable Compaq V2000Z. I run my Compaq 24/7, but the dang thing keeps on ticking.

Why did I get the N800? Well, I looked at what I did most on my PC: e-mail, RSS feeds, surfing, and music. The N800 looks like it will handle all of these except for YouTube videos, but Nokia is apparently working on that. Sure, my laptop could handle, but there is something so nice about using a palm-sized device to handle things.

Speaking of palm-sized, what about my Palm TX? Well, I’ll still probably use that for contacts and calendar, etc., but I’m hoping I can get it to sync with Outlook. The TX’s weakness is web browsing–it’s is just too limited. The N800 is much closer to a full browser experience and it’s only a little longer than the TX and about the same width and thickness. Hope I can find a case to make it pocketable.�

Well, look for future postings on my new toy…er tool ;-)

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