Running my own server…for real this time

Well after 6 months of using a “virtual” dedicated server, I have moved all my sites to a real dedicated server. The problem with the virtual type is that although they look like you are running on your own machine, in reality, you are sharing CPU and memory with whomever else is running virtual servers on the same machine. You end up with CPU and memory issues that are totally out of your control. I had an entire day where they CPU was pegged at 100% with about 80MB of free RAM.

A new server is a machine that only has my stuff on it. I can remotely log into the machine and run whatever I want. I have full control. You guys should notice that is much “snappier” now. That’s because I’ve got about 3-4 times more RAM and full use of the bandwidth. It’s pretty cool.

I’ll be moving my mail server software this weekend which will be a pain, but at least the websites moved without any real issues.

Of course, my dedicated server is with It was really the best deal I could find.

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