Spray-On Latex Bikini Loophole

This has got to be one of the stupidist things are so-called legal system has done. According the the WSJ, “Strippers in Alabama have brokered a deal with the
state to comply with one of the strictest anti-nudity laws in the U.S. Under a
settlement between 18 adult nightclubs and the Alabama attorney general’s
office, dancers statewide are spritzing their buttocks and breasts with
flesh-colored latex. The law says that any skin that would normally be covered
by a modest bikini must be swathed in an opaque covering. But the law doesn’t
specify the type of material, so, in the legal sense, a nylon swimsuit and
spray-on latex are one and the same. The state reluctantly went along with the
clubs’ virtually invisible latex bikinis rather than having a federal judge
follow through on his threat to throw out the entire statue as unconstitutional.
“The choice we were faced with was some covering or no covering,” said Keith
Miller, the chief deputy attorney general. “We decided it was better to have
these coverings than nothing at all.”

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