Mobile charging solutions and cable organizer

I’m a fanatic about organization, so my growing collection of chargers and their cables was driving me crazy! I tried the multi-tip chargers like the iGo and Kensington SmartTips, but they never seem to have the tip I needed. Plus, they aren’t really that compact–you’ve got a giant AC adapter and transformer module. (BTW I prefer the form-factor of the Kensington.)

Anyways, since nearly all devices seem to be supporting USB charging, that has been my direction. Get a USB charging cable for each device combined with a combo AC+car outlet to USB charger and a battery to USB charger, and you’ve got yourself totally covered. You can find the combo adapters on eBay and they are pretty cheap. You can also find the battery adapters on eBay, but I opted for the more compact APC USB Battery Extender which uses AAA not AA batteries. Only $7.19 at Amazon.
Also, don’t leave batteries in devices. They often die quickly or leak, ruining the device. I’ve also had loose batteries leak spilling who knows what all over stuff. The solution is a battery case. Yeah, they make such a thing and it’s called the Batuca Battery case. Only $5.99 at
And finally, the pi�ce de r�sistance, a case for all this stuff. I’ve gone through many different bags and cases, but finally someone has made one especially for cables and things. It’s called the RoadWired Deluxe Cable Stable. It’s very cool and has stretchable bands to hold cables as well as a couple zippered pouches. At $30.56 on, it’s a bit pricey, but HEY, it’s perfect!

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