YouTube + Google = YouDone

YouTube's efforts to legitimize its content as a result of its talks with Google will castrate the service. One reason people flock to the site is that clips from old and sometimes not so old TV shows and movies can be found. When I first saw this, I knew it violated copyright law. I also knew that as the site grew in popularity, the copyright issue would have to be addressed. Look what happened to Napster? A legitimate Napster sux. MySpace will be neutered as well, if it already isn't. For all of these services, legitimizing them means removing the thing that made them popular. It's like removing the ability to use the alphabet in Microsoft Word the ability to use numbers in Excel.

Let me give you an example. I can search for “Badfinger” or “KISS” and view some incredible videos on these bands. I can search on “Robin Williams Golf” and see one of the funniest bits on William's theory on how golf was invented. All of this violates copyright law. However, I'd probably never see this stuff or be able to find it otherwise. This is why YouTube is so wonderful. 

I still hold out the faint chance that YouTube can negotiate some sort of royalty sharing deal with Hollywood, but I doubt that is realistic. How can they possibly do it in a way that seems fair to all involved? In the end, we will suffer when the only answer is to remove unlicensed copyrighted material.

New old star trek!

If you are a fan of the original Star Trek, you MUST check out Basically, a group of fans got together and are going to make 4 new episodes that follow the end of the original “Captain Kirk” version. Only 2 are completed so far and I’ve only watched the first one. Effects are a little cheezy, but so was the original. Props are amazingly accurate. This is not a spoof, but a serious effort. They apparently were able to get some veterans to help with production–William Windom, who played Commodore William Decker in the original series “The Doomsday Machine” episode reprises his role in a small part. Walter Koenig, “Checkov”,� has a part in the next episode I think and George Takei, “Mr. Sulu” will be in one too.

I don’t really like the actor playing Spock, but the Kirk and Bones are ok. Not sure about Scotty since he didn’t say much. In any event, it’s a must see.�

My old band Mind Games: more famous than ever

Check out this review of my old band Mind Games’ single. Incredibly, someone actually put one of our tunes on a compilation disc called “Staring Down the Barrel”–w/o our
permission; not that I mind. C’mon! Someone thought enough of our stuff
to RE-RELEASE it on a friggin record!� We are popping up all over the Net.

Some excerpts from a review of Staring Down the Barrel from

“The biggest surprise on the comp is Mind Games, who haven’t been
spotted on any want lists (until tomorrow). Their classically SoCal
punk homage to “Get Smart” leads me to believe that those guys
currently spend many hours watching Nick at Nite.”

“All in all, “Staring Down the Barrel” is a
great comp that should shut up anyone who thinks that all the great
punk records have already been discovered.”

We also made Austin radio station KOOP FM 91.7’s September 2005 playlist along with David Bowie, Adam and the Ants, and more. That is just plain crazy!!! The Staring Down the Barrel LP is listed for $11.50 at Underground Medicine. Go ahead and order! Make it #1! HAHA I may have to order this. We are listed first in the list of artists, so perhaps we are track 1.

All this is funny, cuz I never thought that “Sorry” was really that strong of a song. “Don’t take the car” is stronger IMHO. For more–or less–check out

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Do u miss TechTV? Head over to

When G4 took over the TechTV network it was a terrible blow to the fans of shows like the Screensavers. Well, some ex-TechTV ppl have started with cool webcasts very much like the old TechTV shows. I've only watched the first 3  episodes of Kevin Rose's thebroken, but found the production quality pretty high. Nice interview with infamous hacker Kevin Mitnick, info on hacking xbox, ps2 and gamecube, wireless hacking, etc. Ramzi guy is pretty funny. Check it out!