Why do you use yahoo, hotmail, work email accts?

Just wondering why people rely on email accounts like yahoo, hotmail, work or
even cable co/dsl email accounts for personal email. What if those companies get acquired,
change their name, you quit, etc. It would be like changing your phone number and
not telling anyone Now in the old days, yahoo/hotmail was cool cuz it
was the only way to get your email ove the web, but that’s not the case

I see my email as something that should never change. For me, until the
day I die, you will always be able to contact me at
dougATdougworld.com. When I’m on my death bed I will forward it to my
kid and put it in my will that she keep the account active! HAHA

My suggestion? Register your own personal domain name–one that’s for
you, not a business. It’s simple to do. (The hardest part is finding a
domain name that isn’t taken.) Most domain registration sites, like hotpointdomains.com
(my site :-), give you a free email account for less than 9 bucks a
year! It’s small but you can increase storage for not much more. The
point is that  you can keep this email address forever!

Email me if you want help doing this.

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