Running my own web and email server

While I thought it was a good idea and (probably) still do, it’s ended up being a lot more work than I anticipated. Lots of settings and customization of things that I pretty much just figger out by trial and error. Now I gotta worry about backing up too.

I get much for power over things and adding a new site is easy and I don’t have to sign up for another hostng account.

I just now realized that you couldn’t send email out from! That took me 2 hours of fiddling with settings as well as email server settings to get it to work.

I also never realized how much spam my old hosting service was filtering out for me. My new email server helped a bit, but I was getting a lot more after I started doing myself. I found a nice MX filtering service called that works wonderfully and is only $15 for 2 domains using a personal acct. Also serves as backup email server should the main one go down. Another benefit is that spam filtering can be very CPU intensive and this keeps all of that away from my server. Spammers are a resourceful bunch and I’d rather have SSN trying to stay ahead of them. I’ve gone from probably 30-40 a day to 0! Cool!

Well I think I let loose a floodgate of pent up emails now that its working so sorry for that. Should be real time now :-)

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