The Strayhearts and their unique drummer

Helped with another MMK9 dog adoption event yesterday at Random and was lucky enough to see this band, The Strayhearts. They were really good live and for me to say that says a lot since I’m overly critical. The lead singer, Mark Monaco, had a strong distinctive voice and the backup vocals were just as superb. The mix and instrumentation were awesome. Their website describes the band as, “All acoustic Americana band with 3 part harmonies. Waylon Jennings meets Mumford & Sons meets Zac Brown Band” and I would say that is pretty accurate. Note that the “acoustic” description just describes their use of acoustic instruments: guitars, stand-up bass, fiddle and drums. The term doesn’t infer a soft sound–these guys can rock in a southern country way. Their material included a lot of covers as well as a smattering of originals (I think, since I didn’t recognize them.)


The drummer, Shane Haberstroh’s, kit really blew me away. He sat on a cajon which he used for the kick with a reversed pedal. Both his high-hat and splash were on his right as opposed to the traditional left side. He also had the weirdest snare. It appeared to be two pieces and the head looked stretched across the top like a conga instead of the typical metal hoop and lugs. He used brushes a lot…though not softly ;-) Pretty compact, efficient and effective set-up for a drum kit. Interestingly, he also sat at the very front of the stage…and I mean VERY front. He was so close that at one point, one leg of his stands went off the edge of the stage and he had to play one-handed as he held on for dear life with his other hand! HAHA very cool!

Check ’em out if you can. They are on Spotify, but I suggest you see them live.They play all around SA and their website seems up to date with appearance dates.

They’re playin our song

It never ceases to amaze me how our 45 record continues to live on. Maximum RockNRoll is a monthly mag dedicated to underground punk rock. Apparently, they have a weekly podcast/radio show and our song was played on their September 10, 2015 episode. We are the second song for the first DJ.

I used to cringe at the quality of our 45, but obviously bands put out even worse HAHA.

MRR Radio #1469.5 • 9/10/15


Old treasures

I got the bug to break out one of my old electric guitars and fire up the Fender Deluxe to see if it still worked. I also broke out my favorite fuzz box: the MXR Distortion +. Of course it needed a new battery, but the one that was still in there made me smile. The whole set up still worked, albeit with some pops and crackles. Boy, they used to make stuff to last, didn’t they. Read more

My new Roland TD-4KP V-Drums!

I was seriously thinking about getting the new TD-1KV, but the TD-4KP has a much better sound module. It also folds up into a 12″ x 20″ package, so it’s very portable. I miss my TD-12S, but it’s back in Cali and I didn’t want to ship it here–not that I really have the space. It’s a lot larger than the 4KP.

I prefer the 12S’s mesh heads and it will take getting used to the 4KP’s rubber ones. I may replace the snare with the mesh head pad at some point. The sound module is pretty good and it’s very customizable, something the 1KV is not.

Now, all I gotta do is write some new tunes and record them with Sonar. Maybe a rock song this time, so I can get my new Carvin DC4T involved ;-)